Thursday, March 15, 2012

Platform? Framework? Server-side?

I am 90% sure that this will have a server-side component and not just be a casual client-side game with no persistence.  Regardless of client-side technology, I'm also 90% sure the server side component will be done using Node.js. Node.js is a server-side framework that uses javascript. I got a chance to see some vids and experiment a bit with it and I am more than impressed with the flexibility and ease of use.  For storage, I will probably try something MongoDB (a noSQL database option).  I have plenty of experience with a traditional stack (like java and postgresql or mysql) but it's time to branch out and give some other technologies a whirl.

As far as client-side goes, since my server side is expected to be javascript, I will probably do all my initial prototyping and game mechanics experimentation in javascript as well.  I've had LOTS of fun (and VERY rapid development) with Raphael and Processing...but I think I am looking for a larger game engine (that gives me more than just drawing).  Crafty.js (free) looks interesting, as well as Isogenic (commercial).  I don't know what the final client technology option(s) will be.  Depends on the target platform....IOS, Web, etc.

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