Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Features List

Must have features:

  • persistent claim (when you quit for the day and fire it back up later, you everything is how you left it
  • Equipment purchases and upgrades (and selling equipment)
  • pre-calculated gold distribution (in depth.
  • Water pumping. Required for washplant and maybe also flooding of deep digging.
  • 2D (top down? Isometric?)
  • Equipment maintenance and breakage (and repair)
  • Nuggets (ultimate goal is to find rare nuggets which might have real-world prize associated if we can get any monetization)
  • Ability to buy with real world money
  • fuel usage and cost

Could have features:

  • Persistent world (neighbors are always your neighbors)
  • Claim jumping (mining other people's claims)
  • core sampling (determine where to start digging)
  • trees (clearing)
  • water seepage
  • deformable terrain
  • isometric or 3d view
  • Safety regulations
  • Weather ? Storms? Ice?
  • Explosives
  • Bears and other animals
  • Real world prize nuggets
  • Different ground hardnesses
  • Gold price changes and sell gold strategy
  • Multi-owner claims
  • Find stuff OTHER than gold...Oil? Dead bodies?  Jimmy Hoffa? Alien spacecraft
  • Stolen gold

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