Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Depression about Isometric and new hope

Isometric slopes and height based terrain are hard things to do.  The free HTML5 engines aren't even close.  The commercial engines aren't there either (the one (Aves Engine) that WAS got purchased by Zynga...go figure  There ARE some flash options...but I really don't want to code in actionscript and get locked into flash.
Depression sets in.
Then I stumbled across this post:

Holy cow.  In my BROWSER, I was raising and lowering the terrain height...and the textures were changing accordingly....WOW.  What technology was behind this?  WebGL. And more specifically, the Three.js framework.  I start to read.  And to study. And experiment.  THIS was what I was looking for.  While it is not 100% cross browser compatible (only Firefox and and Chrome support WebGL...Safari and Opera are coming soon and IE will NEVER support it), this would be perfect for some prototyping and game mechanics...and it could look GOOD.  I always get excited when my projects look GOOD...gives me drive to work more on them.   In the back of my head I figured that anything I can code in javascript and webGL should be convertible to one of the cross-platform tools like Unity or directly to IOS if needed.

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