Monday, April 1, 2013

Re-Engaging Gold Mining Game with Unity

Fired up the latest version of Unity (4.1) this weekend to see how hard it would be to reproduce some of the terrain deformation work I prototyped using Three.js a while back.  Turns out, not too hard!

In a single day (a few hours here and there), I had basic terrain with moving vehicle (imported 3d model of bulldozer) and the ability to knock down trees.

Day 2 gave me ability to deform the terrain - not pretty yet but it works -AND adjusting the textures.  

Camera follows the vehicle and I worked a bit to get it to NOT steer like a car, but instead be able to pivot like a real tracked vehicle can do

I originally had mesh collider around the trees but they ended up doing crazy flip flops down hills when knocked over.  Tried cylinder - but they rolled too much.  Ended up with just a box collider around the trunk which did pretty well.

Started doing the scripting in javascript, but switched over to C# because it makes more sense to me.  It's easier for me when I find an example or code snipped to convert from javascript to C# than it is to go in the other direction.  Not too much code at the moment - just for the vehicle movement and camera follow - and of course, the terrain deformation.

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