Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birdseye view and transitioning into FP

Today I accomplished my goal early.  Wanted to prototype an overhead view (current my design says this will be one of the main views) that supported panning and zooming.  Works!  Then when clicking on vehicle I wanted smooth camera transition down from the sky into first person view on the vehicle.  Delved into the world of lerp and slerp (ended up using slerp because I liked the effect) and got a fairly cool effect.  I will probably play with Hotween or iTween later - I like their simplicity more.
      Next up is selecting units WITHOUT jumping into them - and showing info/fuel info.  Double click will bring you to first person view.  Eventually will probably create a context menu and eventually have to deal with mobile interface options like the long press and pinch-zoom.

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