Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm turning Toon!

While I don't intend to have a LOT of verts/polys in my game - I'm told that the Unity terrain alone on IOS can slow things down considerably.   No need for high-poly detailed models - and more so, not sure I need photo-realistic terrain or trees.   I ran into the same issue with DemolitionFX years ago.  I started out with it feeling like a more hardcore simulation - that didn't seem like that much fun.  It took my young son, Ben to point out that "everybody likes monkey's with hammers!".  So I will be ultimately switching to more of a toon-shaded (cel shaded) look and feel.
I'm enamored by some of the low-poly vehicles I find on SketchUp that I believe I can import (via Blender and then Unity.  I am hoping that at some point I can develop the skills to articulate these things (even if I just break them up into a few separate objects and control them with Unity scripting).
So I intend to continue prototyping - learning the bells and whistles of Unity and making sure I can implement all the features.  Then I will probably take a break and go on an 'asset' and 3d modeling bender where I find/create/buy the assets we need and learn to use the tools to properly manipulate them.  Finally - a clean write incorporating all I've learned.  Then probably an optimization cycle (playing with IOS and Android devices) and a re-write - then release!!

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