Friday, April 20, 2012

Game Engine

Spent some time tonight watching videos and downloading/installing/playing with Unity...the cross platform game engine that supports web, Android, and IOS.  It is truly amazing.  I managed to get the IOS and Android 'options' for the free version before a recent price change (they now cost $400 and $500 respectively).  For the pro version, they each cost $1500 plus an additional $1500 for the core engine.  Anything I expect to do in the near future (I'm pretty sure) can be done with the free version.  My current plan is to port my DemolitionFX game to Unity and turn it into a quasi 3D game (2D physics with 3d objects) so that I can learn a lot about the engine.  Then I intend to push through with the mining game (tentatively called 'Claim Jumpin'.
There is a REASON why over 1,000,000 developers have licenses for this thing.  I would recommend watching these vids if you are interested: (and 3 follow ups) (and follow ups)

A link to a fairly complete list/comparison of game engines suitable for the indie game can be found here

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