Friday, May 2, 2014

Time Tracer has reached Beta 1 stage....

The first campaign mission of Time Tracers, a side scrolling space assault/defend game designed for mobile (tablet and phone) is nearly done.
This is not a shmup - it’s more strategic.
The game is loosely based on my fond memories of arcade games Scramble and Missile Command and their modern day brethren - StrikeFleet Omega and Flight Control,

One of the key elements in the game is the ability to draw the path your weapons will take - with an added twist that allows you to ‘stop time’ and plan out a series of weapon deployments. Starting time again will see them played out and the game continues on.

I’m trying to keep the action plentiful, however - there are some pew-pew weapons and things can move along pretty quickly. Running out of ‘time juice’ definitely opens up the stress-meter a bit.

Essentially there are defensive and offensive mission types (a campaign mode plus roll-your-own missions). Sometimes you are protecting ground and air assets - sometimes you are destroying everything in sight.

I am still optimizing, polishing, tweaking, adding weapons/enemies and such - but I have most of the first campaign mission complete. There is plenty done that is NOT shown in the video - I have a space campaign and an enemy planet campaign that includes tunnels/caves, ground forces, minefield, turrets etc, etc

Trailer #1:

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